Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Snow Globes

Snow globes, like life, capture moments
Caught within the windows of time
Our minds remember the reels of yesterday,
But in the absence of fresher moments
We extend our understanding to be commensurate
With the present
Unfortunately, reality plays a cruel hand
And often what we experience in the present has
No resemblance to what was held in the past.

You had so much promise
Truly a mover and a shaker off to live a larger life
Than the rest of us
Something happened along the way
That I am not privy to
Something flawed and tragic and life-changing
Because you are no longer the same person
Yes, there are shadows of your former self,
Slivers actually, that poke through this “new” persona
But they slide across your countenance in a pattern
That leaves me confused and wondering if you are in
Full command of your faculties
Do you truly know who you are?

Copyright Michelle Beckham-Corbin 2011

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