Sunday, May 9, 2010


I trusted you with my soul, my heart, my life
You gave me love, crazy, crazy love
Interspersed with music as the background to our lives
Even now as I pen these words
Your spirit is haunting me through Pandora
Each song is a ghost from our past
Are you controlling the channel or
Is my energy channeling the selection?
A song on satellite radio can take me back to our early days
So imagine what is happening now with a complete radio station
Assaulting my senses….
You no longer exist for me, at least as the person that
I once knew
I once loved
I once saved
You gave into the demons that I tried so hard to fight for you
The dark side has taken control of
Your life
Your senses
Your soul
It’s a freaking shame….
You could have been one of the good guys
You could have set the world on fire with your words
You could have led an entire nation
Now you are self-destructing
Anger and disappointment clouding your judgment
It’s only a matter of time until this road
Takes you on a journey of no return
Perhaps Kurt Cobain is making another appearance in your life…..
“The world we knew won't come back
The time we've lost can't get back
The life we had won't be ours again” ~Three Days Grace

Copyright Michelle Beckham-Corbin 2010


The Time is Now!

I fan the possibilities out like a hand of cards

Kings, Jacks, Aces- the choice is mine

I have the opportunity to drive my destiny

I feel the power emanating within me

This is my time, my chance to drive the fire

That burns deep within me

No more quenching the roar into a latent sleep,

Content to focus on the stuff of everyday life

The time is now; the flames are ready to rise

I know that I have what it takes to rock the world

To leave a difference that is monumental in scope

By affecting one person, one brand, one company at a time

I’ve made my choice- my passion has been ignited….

Copyright Michelle Beckham-Corbin 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


“I’m falling… say it if it’s worth saving me…And all I need is you….” Nickleback

And so the dance begins again

The lyrics stream through my ears taking me back to yesterday

While my mind takes me back to last night’s conversation

Somehow they are one and the same

This pattern repeats over and over and over

That gossamer tentacle so oft written about

Truly does exist

We are tied together for eternity by a bond

That no one else will ever understand

You know me completely: the good, the bad, the narcissistic

You are the mirror to my soul

And when I need to be reminded, you are there

To peel back the layers, until I stand in the

Full authenticity that only you and I know

And in turn I view you through clear lenses

Am I the only one to know that you are spiraling downward?

Choosing a different method this time to dull the pain in your being

I heard you whisper the words “this is complicated”

And damn it, you are right

You, my friend, are slowly killing yourself

Is this another test of how far I can go to save a soul?

Copyright Michelle Beckham-Corbin 2010