Monday, October 17, 2011

Nirvana & Naming

Just found an errant page that belongs to my unpublished novel. As I read the lines that were written five years ago, I was struck by the power of the words. The voice is that of Gabrielle writing of her soul mate, Jon, in the pages of her personal journal.  They are young adults who met as teens through an online game. Here is a small excerpt from a larger piece:

"We have shared so much
It is truly an incredible experience to be completely known
Every raw nerve, every idiosyncrasy exposed
And through this naked unveiling,  we remain close
Not frightened away by our own realities....

Sometimes we react in a series of classical conditioning scenarios
that we are unable to prevent from playing out
But no matter, we always find our way back to each other

Back to that feeling of being totally and utterly connected
To each other in body and soul

You take me to the highest heights
You make my heart soar
Over and over again
I am with you every time
Every single time
Calling out your name
Before I take that final leap off the mountain
You answer, "Gabrielle, I'm coming"
And you are right behind me; along side of me
Landing in a heap of blissful exhaustion at the bottom of that mighty mountain

Two blind people assisted by heightened other senses
Making sense of the world they have created
Living to love; loving to live........"

 Afterwards I picked up my copy of This I Believe, The Personal Philosophies Of Remarkable Men And Women edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman and read an entry by writer and activist Eve Ensler entitled "The Power and Mystery of Naming Things".  This quote really struck me:

"Naming things, breaking through taboos and denial is the most dangerous, terrifying, and crucial work. This has to happen in spite of political climates or coercions, in spite of careers being won or lost, in spite of the fear of being criticized, outcast, or disliked. I believe freedom begins with naming things. Humanity is preserved by it."

Not sure why both of these pieces struck me enough to place them together here in Kaleidoscope, but I'm going with the suggestion of my muse and perhaps later I will find a connection......

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