Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This I Believe

Recently read the book of essays entiled, This I Believe,  The Personal Philosophies Of Remarkable Men And Women edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman and have been thinking about what I believe in.  Here is an unedited post-morning coffee stream of consciousness regarding what I believe in. Would love to have you share your beliefs with me as well.

I believe in Integrity and Truthfulness
Standing up for what is right and just, not what is popular sentiment
Action and taking a stand vs. camping out on Wall Street and protesting
That any two committed individuals have the right to be together regardless of their sexual orientation
I am opposed to death of any kind: abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, mercy killing, WAR
I believe in self-sufficiency and the community (neighborhood, church, support group, whatever) taking care of its own and the government NOT giving out handouts
I believe in the power of education, both formal and informal and its ability to transform a life
I believe that there is a heaven of sorts, not necessarily a place, but a state of mind
I believe that evil does exist and it walks the land in the guise of human nature
I have strong faith and love my Catholic religion while recognizing that other faith communities exist alongside- whether they are Christian or not.
I believe any individual who has led a good and faith-filled life will enter that state of mind called Heaven regardless of whether they are Catholic or Christian, Muslim or Hindu.
I believe in holding on to dreams and using them as guideposts for living.
I believe in the power to transform lives through actions and mighty endeavors.
I believe that you can have many loves in your life.
I believe that the power of friendship is more valuable than all the oil in the world.
I believe in believing in YOU.

 What do you believe in?

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