Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dichotomous Blog

Note to self: Jump on the bandwagon and separate out this Blog!

What began as a place to gently lay my creative writing has evolved into a site that includes my thoughts and commentary on local happenings (usually straight-to-the-heart stories that make you take in a deep breath, wince and whisper 'OMG' deep down in your soul); many traditional blog posts on social media and my involvement with the local New Media communities; as well as my creative writing. It's a nice cauldron of items and for the unsuspecting voyeur, there is liable to be a little lagniappe involved.

But there are times that I do feel a twinge of pity for that person following my Social Media brand who lands on these pages and comes face to face with my creative writing piece like the one from May entitled "The Rape". "What the hell!", said person may be thinking, and lacking a background in one of the basic rules of creative writing, may think that all my work is autobiographical. Any writer, or lover of literature, knows that one can never assume that the words we read are truth. There is a little notion that is oft times employed called FICTION!!! And yes, of course, I realize that even within fictional material, an author may weave bits and pieces of detritus from her life into the pages that she produces.

So if you've landed here in search of Michelle, the Social Media Marketing Strategist, then by all means use the topic list to the right to find exactly what you are looking for. Do feel free to flip around to my commentary and creative writing- perhaps something you see here will inspire you. Just remember that I have an incredibly huge imagination and an easy way with the pen, errr keyboard.

If you are in search of Michelle, the Free-lance Writer, then you have come to the right place. Grab a glass of wine, get relaxed and


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