Friday, May 1, 2009

Notice to Alien Nations- Leave Me Alone!

Well, it's been one heck of a day spent as a sick person. Did I ever mention that I NEVER, EVER get sick and especially not in late spring. I am such a high energy person and illness is dragging me wayyyy down. I had to cancel all of my meetings today and attempt to sleep. Like all over-achievers, my brain kept ticking off all of the things that I could be doing that did not involve my pillow and comforter. Finally after wearing myself down, I did fall into slumber only to dream of aliens invading my bedroom. I even "saw" the jupiter-like space shape land in my room.

Have you ever been asleep, but kind of awake enough to know that you are asleep? I don't know what the technical name is for that particular dream state, but I was very aware that I was asleep and was trying very hard to force my eyes open to see if the spaceship really existed in this place and time. In my semi-dream state I removed non-existent (must have taken them off before I went to sleep) sandals and threw them at the space ship which had landed to the right of my bed. I heard a tinny noise reminiscent of something (said sandal) hitting metal and strange voices reacting in surprise. I kept thinking that this state of illness (very bad cold, flu, HiNi-Swine Flu, or whatever) was caused by these unseen visitors. I looked down at my arm and noticed freshly made incisions in the crease of both elbows that looked inflamed and puffy as if something (a tracking device perhaps) had been inserted under the skin. This caused me to throw another (imaginary) shoe at the space ship.

At this point I had enough strength to force my eyes open (or maybe I just reached a point in the sleep cycle that brought me closer to consciousness). There was no space ship in my bedroom and thank God, there were no incisions in my arms. It had to have been a complete and total dream. Wait a minute, what if the incisions just self-absorbed quickly and I really am a tracking device or scientific experiment for an alien culture. Any psychics out there have any thoughts on this????
Lol- I guess that's why they say feed a fever and starve a cold, or some such thing. Fever can bring on delirium. I just want to get back to making connections on the social media highway. Highway Earth that is. Alien nations can just leave me alone.

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